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Swanage Town Council is the parish council for the town of Swanage, including the settlements of Durlston, Herston and Ulwell.

Its mission statement is to maintain and enhance Swanage for the well-being and prosperity of present and future generations.

In March 2023 the Town Council adopted it's Corporate Plan 2023-2025.  The Town Council has produced a Corporate Plan in order to:

• Give clear direction for financial planning and budget setting decisions;

• Assist in prioritising future capital projects;

• Promote transparency by being clear about what the Town Council’s priorities are and what

actions will be delivered over the plan period;

• Provide a basis for securing external funding;

• Guide discussions with the community and partner organisations;

• Aid in the assessment of grant requests from third parties.

Please follow the link to view a copy of the Corporate Plan 2023-25.

The Town Council is one of two tiers of local government and works with Dorset Council to provide a wide range of services for residents and visitors alike.

The Town Council has direct responsibility for:

Unlike Dorset Council, the Town Council receives no direct government grant. It raises its income through the parish precept element of the Council Tax and the charges it makes for its services.

Dorset Council is responsible for:

  • Education and training
  • Social services
  • Highways and footpaths
  • Council Tax
  • Planning, buildings and land
  • On street parking
  • Environmental health
  • Economic development
  • Benefits
  • Libraries, history and culture
  • Refuse collection and recycling
  • Trading Standards
  • Registration Service (births, deaths and marriages)

Further information can be found by clicking on the link above, or by visiting Dorset Council's website.

Refuse collection and recycling 

For further information on Dorset Waste Services, please use the link and contact form below:

Bins, recycling and litter

Dorset Waste Services - contact form 

Decisions of the Town Council are taken by twelve Councillors elected every four years. However, at the election held in May 2019 Councillors were elected for a term of five years. The next scheduled elections will be held in 2024 and the term of office will again be five years. With effect from 2029, the term of office will revert to four years.

The Council’s decisions are implemented by the Town Council’s staff, headed by the Town Clerk, Dr Martin Ayres.

The Town Council encourages comments, queries and complaints regarding its services and invites you to e-mail us at

Alternatively you can contact us by telephone on              01929 423636, or write to us at:

The Town Hall
High Street 
Dorset BH19 2NZ


Town Hall Opening Times

Please note that the Town Hall Reception Desk is currently closed. However, enquiries can continue to be made via email to:, by telephone to: 01929 423636, and in person at the Main Town Hall front doors, please ring the doorbell and we will be pleased to assist you. Thank you.

Further information regarding Town Council services and other useful information can be found on the website's news page, and the Council's Facebook page:

The following is for information purposes only at this time:

The Town Hall reception is open to the public from Monday to Friday during the following times:


1st April to 30th September

1st October to 31st March


10.00am to 1.00pm

10.00am to 1.00pm


2.00pm to 4.00pm

2.00pm to 3.00pm

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