Contact Your Councillors

Cllr Gail Green                                           27 Osborne Road                    SWANAGE                                              BH19 2QA

(N) (Deputy Town Mayor)

T: 01929 424959


Cllr John Bishop                                                   165 High Street      SWANAGE                                                     BH19 2NE


T: 01929 422105

Chair of the General Operations Committee  




Cllr Alexandra Lejeune                           13 Victoria Road          SWANAGE                                            BH19 1LY


T: 07904 412067


Cllr Mike Bonfield
55 Priests Road            
BH19 2RJ           

(S) (Town Mayor)

T: 07774 997974

Chair of the Policy, Finance & Performance Management Committee, and Beach Management Advisory Committee



Cllr Gloria Marsh
35 Mariners Drive
BH19 2SJ

(N) (D)

T: 01929 422015


Cllr Caroline Finch                                           12 Bon Accord Road    SWANAGE                           Dorset                                                              BH19 2DS

 (S) (D)

T: 01929 427776

Chair of the Tourism Committee




Cllr Steve Poultney
38 Rabling Road
BH19 1EF


T: 01929 425959


Cllr Avril Harris                                                      4 Newton Road      SWANAGE                                                     BH19 2DZ


T: 01929 425774

Chair of the Planning and Consultation Committee




Cllr Bill Trite
134 Kings Road West
BH19 1HT

(N) (D) (CC)

T: 01929 421742


Cllr Timothy Morris                                               8 Redcliffe Road    SWANAGE                                                     BH19 1ND

(S) (D)

T: 07768 295178

Chair of the Personnel Committee




Cllr Mike Whitwam
21 Swanbrook Mews
68-70 Kings Road West
BH19 1HR

(N) (D)

T: 01929 422555

Chair of the Transport Committee


Cllr Gary Suttle
C/o Suttle & Co.
Unit 1, Plot 2
Victoria Avenue Industrial Estate
BH19 1AU

(S) (D)

T: 01929 422093 (Office)




N. B.
N = North Ward
S = South Ward
D = District Councillor                     CC = County Councillor