The Spa Bungalows


These beach huts offer fantastic views and more privacy than The Shore beach huts. If you are after tranquility and relaxation, these are the beach huts for you.

The huts are extremely popular in the summer months, and as there are currently only 8 available (28 to 35), you will need to act fast, so please check here first: online availability calendar!

We also offer our high specification Spa Retreats.

Please note:

Spa huts and Spa Retreats can be accessed via steps from De Moulham Road and Spa field.

The nearest public toilets are situated on Shore Road (near the Swanage Information Centre) or at Battlegate (200 metres north along the seafront).  The nearest water points are situated at Sandpit Field and by the Shore Road beach huts.

Alternative long let hire periods

We have a reduced hire charge for those people who may wish to book a beach hut for the whole season (52 weeks for The Shore Beach Huts, and 26 weeks for The Spa Beach Huts) but excluding the peak season (7 weeks).  Please contact us if you wish to have more information regarding this discounted hire charge.


The Spa Beach Huts 2021 Hire Charges

  • 27 March – 14 May: £28.00 per week
  • 15 May – 16 July: £48.50 per week
  • 17 July – 3 September: £121.50 per week
  • 4 September – 17 September £48.50 per week
  • 18 September – 29 October: £25.00 per week
  • 27 March – 29 October: £1,050.00 for the period
  • 28 August – 29 October: £506.90 for the period


All prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20%.


Swanage Visitor Services Team
Tel: 01929 766018
Webpage: Swanage Beach Huts

Please note that hut numbers 1 to 18 and 27 are currently closed.

Beach huts 28 - 35 and Spa Retreats can be accessed from De Moulham Road.

All of the 8 Spa huts will close from 30th October 2021 until further notice.


A calendar showing availability can be found here

Beach hut booking details

Beach Hut Terms and Conditions