Tender Opportunities

Please find below details of current tender opportunities. Thank you.

Swanage Town Council

Design, hire, installation and maintenance of festive lighting

The Town Council is seeking suitably qualified contractors to deliver the following:

Lot 1 - A fixed price contract for a term of 3 years for design and hire of festive lighting for a fixed sum per annum of no more than £10,600 (exclusive of VAT). The total contract sum for the 3-year period to be no greater than £31,800 (exclusive of VAT).

Lot 2 - A fixed price for a term of 3 years for the installation and removal of festive lighting including dressing of the Christmas tree and lamp columns and annual inspections of the lighting and catenary wires. A fixed price for anchor bolt testing to be undertaken in year 1 and year 3. This is to be for all anchor bolts including the white festoon lighting on the seafront.

Organisations may choose to make submissions for one or both Lots.

Requirements for submitting a tender:

Submissions should be received by the Town Council no later than 12.00 noon on Monday 8th April 2024.

Submissions received after this time and date will be marked as received late and not considered.

A paper copy of all completed documentation required as detailed in the tender documents must be submitted by post or courier. The submission documents are to be returned in a sealed plain envelope using the form of label supplied in Appendix E.

Please find further information and links to these documents through the link to GOV.UK Contracts Finder webpage below: