Swanage Boat Park

The Swanage Boat Park is a useful point to launch your boat and to watch the Swanage fishing fleet moor up its boats at the end of the day. If you are looking to visit Swanage by boat please see our ‘Visiting Swanage by boat’ page.

At the Swanage Boat Park we offer:


  • Annual and seasonal storage and launching for boats

  • Daily launching and storage for boats

Swanage Town Council Boat Park is situated off Peveril Point Road. Turn left off Seymer Road and carry on through Broad Road car park. Click on the link for a map of the area

All users of the boat park and slipway must be aware of the Boat Park Regulations. Please take the time to review these. Thank you.

Swanage Boat Park - Waiting List Application Form

Please complete this form if you would like to apply for a place on the Swanage Boat Park waiting list:


The Boat Park is now very busy and tends to fill up during the summer and winter seasons. However, we do have a relatively high turnover of spaces throughout the year.


Situated on the foreshore you will find Swanage District Angling Club which offer basic refreshments to passing walkers during the summer. You will also find the boat house for Swanage Lifeboat here with both the inshore and off shore boats. The lifeboat house is usually open every day and you can see the lifeboat for real, along with a small shop selling RNLI charity items. For information on the lifeboat, crew, latest news and opening times, please visit Swanage Lifeboat's website


Fisherman’s Huts

Swanage Town Council’s Fisherman’s Huts are also situated on the foreshore. There are 19 huts that local fishermen can rent from the Town Council, enabling them to have ample storage for nets and equipment whilst having easy access to the sea.

The huts are numbered from 1 – 20, missing out No. 13 as this is considered unlucky for fishermen! There is currently a waiting list for these huts. If you are a registered fisherman and are interested in going on the list, please contact the Town Hall on Tel: 01929 423636, or via email to admin@swanage.gov.uk.