Local Government Transparency Code

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Transparency Code Data

Under the Local Government Transparency Code, 2015, Swanage Town Council is required to make public the following information. Please click on the links below to find the relevant data:

Expenditure over £500 (net of VAT)

Please find below expenditure exceeding £500 for the year 2022/23, as recorded on the Monitoring of Payments schedules:

Monitoring of Payments - Schedule 1

Monitoring of Payments - Schedule 2

Monitoring of Payments - Schedule 3

Monitoring of Payments - Schedule 4

Monitoring of Payments - Schedule 5

The Council publishes all items of expenditure. 

To view Monitoring of Payments schedules for previous years please click the following link to view Council meeting agenda supporting papers:

Swanage Town Council - Agendas

Tender exercises and Contracts over £5,000 (net of VAT)

Details of the award of all contracts can be found within Council Minutes.  Please follow the link to view copies of all Council Minutes: 

Swanage Town Council - Council Minutes


  • Organisation Chart
  • Pay Multiple and Senior Salaries
  • Trade union facility time
  • Town Council Land and Property
  • Grants and Donations
  • Car Parking Income and Expenditure
  • Car Parking Spaces
  • Constitution
  • Fraud
  • Waste Contract