Off-street Parking Places Order 2024

At the Council meeting held on 29th January 2024, the final amendments to the proposed Swanage Town Council (Off-Street Parking Places) Order 2024 were agreed. The details of the parking order have been scrutinised in depth over several months, including by the Car Parks Working Party, and at formal Council Meetings. 

The proposed Order seeks to consolidate the provisions of the Council’s existing parking orders and introduce some changes. The following documents explain the Council’s proposals, and provide information regarding the proposed changes to the tariffs in Town Council car parks.

A three-week consultation period is now underway. Should you wish to make comment on the proposals, please e-mail or write to the Town Clerk, Town Hall, High Street, Swanage, Dorset BH19 2NZ, no later than 28th February 2024. Please include in your comments the reasons behind whether you are for or against the proposed changes.

All comments received will be considered by Councillors and, subject to any modifications being proposed, it is anticipated that the Order will be made at the Council Meeting scheduled for Monday 25th March 2024.