07 March 2024
Swanage Town Council is pleased to announce that it is working with two local businesses to provide facilities that will enhance the seafront over coming years. While both proposals remain subject to contract and planning permissions, the businesses will be based at ‘Shore Place’.
Shore Place is a new name for the area formerly known as either the ‘Hardstanding’ or the ‘Shelter Site’, located adjacent to the Swanage Information Centre on Shore Road. A clear and uninterrupted view of Swanage Bay can be experienced from this site for the first time in many decades following the removal of the former ice cream kiosk from the beach near the Mowlem, which was removed over the winter.
Carve Coffee Roasters will install a brand-new kiosk at Shore Place providing high-quality coffee and hot drinks, together with a range of food items in a pleasant environment including tables and chairs. The Swanage-based company describe themselves as ‘independent coffee roasters, supplying delicious speciality coffee to homes and wholesale. Inspired by the great outdoors and fuelled by world-class coffee’.
Swanage Bay Sauna will provide residents and visitors with a brand-new experience for the seafront. Tracey Waters, who is a partner in Studland Water Sports, which operates Studland Sauna Hut. A brand-new facility with two saunas to cater for a range of different group sizes will be installed on Shore Place. The sauna will be powered by mains electric and will not create any fumes from wood burning heaters in this sensitive area.
It is anticipated that the two facilities will be in place during May 2024. The Town Council will continue to support local charities and community groups operating stalls from this site, at no charge, although the number of stalls will be reduced to a maximum of two each day.
The former ‘Northern Beach Kiosk’, which was located on the beach near to the Spa Beach Huts, will not be replaced and the current infrastructure at this location will be removed. This will enable the RNLI Lifeguards to be based in the centre of the designated bathing area to enhance the safety of beach users.
During 2023, Swanage Town Council undertook a public consultation as part of the development of the Swanage Seafront Masterplan. These concessions are a key part of delivering the Masterplan. The consultation demonstrated a strong interest in additional catering facilities and activities along the seafront. Both businesses will operate throughout the year, supporting the Town Council’s corporate aim of ‘encouraging visitors to the town outside the main summer season’.
With the permanent closure of the southern section of Shore Road now confirmed, it is anticipated that these concessions will help to revitalise this section of the seafront and bring new visitors to Swanage to support the local economy throughout the year.
👉 Location of Shore Place: Shore Rd - Google Maps
👉 Contact details for concessions
👉  Will and Sophie - Carve Coffee Roasters - 07729 530152
👉 Tracey Waters, Swanage Bay Sauna – 07980 559143
www.swanagebaysauna.co.uk - the website is in the process of being built but will enable people to enquire and leave details.
For more information please contact:
Culvin Milmer
Visitor Services and Business Development Manager
Swanage Town Council
☎️📱 01929 766018