05 December 2019



Work commenced on 6th January 2020 to improve the safety of Institute Road and enhance the pedestrian experience along the busy route.

Dorset Council and Swanage Town Council have been working together for a number of years to develop a scheme that balances the needs of businesses, residents, and visitors to the town, with the options discussed at drop-in sessions during June 2018.

Residents’ and businesses’ feedback from the sessions has been incorporated into the design where possible.

The work will eradicate long-running safety concerns of heavy vehicles mounting busy pavements to pass vehicles in the loading bay by widening pavements, raising the pavements to full height and removing the loading bay. New loading bays will be introduced at either end of Institute Road.

Kate Tunks, Service Manager for Infrastructure and Assets, said: “It’s been difficult to design a solution that provides everybody with what they would like but there is no questioning the fact that the pedestrian environment on Institute Road must be improved.”

On Monday 6th January 2020 work started on Station Road to upgrade the pedestrian crossing to a Puffin crossing and to widen the pavement to provide a shorter crossing point. This could take up to three weeks, depending on gritting duty demands, but will be completed without the need for traffic control.

From Monday 27 January 2020 the gang will move into Shore Road to rebuild the traffic island so that traffic will be able to safely pass the new loading bay on Institute Road, this will take one week but may need some traffic control.

On Monday 3rd February 2020 kerbing on High Street will be changed in preparation for the reversal of Kings Road East, with the altered kerb alignment allowing drivers to turn right onto High Street.

The main works on Institute Road are currently planned to start on Monday 10th February 2020. At this point, the road will close to vehicles. There will be no vehicle access along Institute Road throughout the work due to its narrow width and the work needed to widen the pavements. Pedestrians will be unaffected. This phase of work will take 16 weeks.

Work on Institute Road includes building new kerb lines, installing new drainage systems and rebuilding the pavements up to their new, higher level. This is taking place along the length of the road and on both sides of the carriageway.

Kate continued: “We know that closing Institute Road to traffic will require residents and businesses to adapt but there is no other way to get the work done, and we’re doing what we can to keep the town accessible for shoppers.

“The one-way flow on Kings Road East will be reversed to ensure drivers can still get into the heart of the town, and High Street will become two-way with the help of temporary signals. Smaller, local roads will become busier as drivers look to avoid the closure and we’d ask for your patience during these months.

“We’ll be ensuring that Institute Road is left safe and tidy to provide good access during Easter and the May Bank Holiday weekends.”

The Institute Road improvements will cost around £450,000 and are being funded by Dorset Council, Swanage Town Council, and Section 106 money from developers.

Please click on the links below to view the plans of the scheme and details of the Traffic Regulation Orders.

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