04 May 2019


Swanage North 

Swanage - Swanage North
Votes Candidate Description (if any)
 415 Jules DORRINGTON Labour Party
 486 Andrea Frances Margaret ETHERINGTON Labour Party 
 844 Tina FOSTER (Elected) Local Conservatives
 838 Chris MORETON (Elected) Local Conservatives 
 775 John Allan PAGE (Elected) Local Conservatives 
 641 Matthew John PIPER  Liberal Democrat 
 373 Alice Jane Blachford ROGERS Labour Party
 790 Nicola Jacqueline ROGERS (Elected) Local Conservatives 
 614 Cliff SUTTON  Liberal Democrat  
 988 William Stanley TRITE (Elected) Local Conservatives  
 774 Michael Alan WHITWAM (Elected) Local Conservatives 
Turnout (%):   43.78

Swanage South

Swanage - Swanage South
Votes Candidate Description (if any)
 541 John Michael BISHOP Local Conservatives 
 811 Mike BONFIELD (Elected) Local Conservatives 
536  Gill CALVIN THOMAS Liberal Democrat
 538 Philip Michael EADES  Independent 
 597 Caroline Freda May FINCH (Elected) Local Conservatives
 329 Jason Paul HAISELDEN  Independent Candidate for Swanage 
 674 Avril HARRIS (Elected) Labour Party
 534 Claire Ann HODGSON Labour Party
 503 George HOLDEN Labour Party
 614 Debby MONKHOUSE (Elected) Labour Party
 407 Robert Thomas Austin PITT Liberal Democrat
 722 Gary Maurice SUTTLE (Elected) Local Conservatives
 678 Chris TOMES (Elected) Local Conservatives 
 474 Anita Louise WARWICK Local Conservatives
Turnout (%):   41.18

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